Biosynthesis of the 4-methyloxazoline-containing nonribosomal peptides, JBIR-34 and -35, in Streptomyces sp. Sp080513GE-23

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Chapter 16: Microbial hormones as a master switch for secondary metabolism in Streptomyces

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Two glycine riboswitches activate the glycine cleavage system essential for glycine detoxification in Streptomyces griseus

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Regio- and stereo-specific hydroxylation of various steroids at the 16α position of the D-ring by the Streptomyces griseus cytochrome P450 CYP154C3

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Isolation, structural elucidation and biosynthesis of 3-hydroxy-6-dimethylallylindolin-2-one, a novel prenylated indole derivative from Actinoplanes missouriensis

Ryutaro Satou, Miho Izumikawa, Yohei Katsuyama, Misato Matsui, Motoki Takagi, Kazuo Shin-ya, Yasuo Ohnishi.

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